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Jean-Pierre Alfano 
AIRJET - Toulouse 

In addition to our ongoing feature animations from top designers, we will also include regular commentary segments right here in Jetzign VOICE. In this issue we get an up-close look at one of the top independent designers in the world; Ms Warja Borges - UNIQUE Aircraft / Munich. 

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French Style - Artistic Vision

Jean-Pierre Alfano is the Founder and Creative Director of AirJet Designs, a distinguished creative design studio in the aviation industry.  As Creative Director of AirJet Designs, today he leads a talented, multi-disciplined team of designers and engineers with the creativity, savoir-faire, and enthusiasm needed to design modern, luxury aircraft.

With a dual background in Industrial Design and Engineering, Mr. Alfano is a sought-after designer that brings fresh ideas, technical know-how, and over 20 years of experience to every project.  Jean-Pierre studied design in France, Italy, and the United States and completed a Masters degree in Design and Engineering in 1997 at the University of Troyes in France.

Airjet Designs has become known over the years for its design of innovative aircraft interiors and today, as head of the studio,  Jean-Pierre is considered as one of Europe’s leading aviation designers whose strength resides in his creativity and a 360° knowledge of airworthiness, engineering, fabrication, and completion requirements.

Always focused on the user experience in his design approach, Jean-Pierre favors clean lines combined with superior detailing and traditional luxury craftsmanship, to design upscale interiors, products, and art that make a unique statement.

As of 2021, AirJet Designs also offers its services to the yacht industry, and to showcase its capabilities the studio designed two interior concepts for yachts under 40 meters.  One of these interior designs, named “L’Elégance”, was recently awarded with a Design et al International Yacht & Aviation Award.


AIRJET Designs provides exceptional private aircraft and yacht interior design services for a select clientele. Their design studio has earned an international reputation for delivering beauty and sophistication for exclusive interiors. They combine the knowledge and experience needed to develop unique luxury interiors. The studio also provides a unique touch of creativity to their clients - those seeking to make their aircraft or yacht interior a distinctive work of art and a reflection of their individual style.

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Elevate design by finding the perfect balance between form and function with a subtle touch of finesse and superior detailing.

JP Alfano lives and works in Toulouse, France but travels the world in working with super HNW individuals and Heads of State. His experience in both design and engineering make him and his firm Airjet Designs a great asset to any owner considering the interior design and completion of a new aircraft or yacht.

To learn more, visit:

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