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Warja Borges 
Unique Aircraft - Munich 

In addition to our ongoing feature animations from top designers, we will also include regular commentary segments right here in Jetzign VOICE. In this issue we get an up-close look at one of the top independent designers in the world; Ms Warja Borges - UNIQUE Aircraft / Munich. 

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From the Eye of an Artist

Ms. Warja Borges is a globally renown aircraft interior design specialist for YOUR UNIQUE high-end flying experience.

Warja Borges was born in Munich and raised by an artist mom opening her eyes for culture and art by traveling with her from an early age. From that very young age, she was always creative, in many different ways, logically leading to her decision to study design later in life.

Following 4 years of engineering study, interior architecture and design and some years of practice creating interiors for residences and offices, she received an opportunity to work with Reiner Heim Aircraft Interior Design, also based in Munich.

For ten years she worked with his team designing bespoke interiors for various customers and aircraft types – mostly in cooperation with the well-known completion center Lufthansa Technik, based in Germany.

After fruitful and experiencing years with Reiner Heim, Ms Borges started her own business as an independent designer. Since 2010 she has been steadily working with clients and aviation facilities worldwide.

Warja’s skill and inventiveness, combined with her knowledge of engineering constraints present in aircraft, has allowed her to extend the limits of design for her clients. With more than 20 years of experience, the creative mind behind UNIQUE AIRCRAFT feels at home in aircrafts, understanding every detail – and thinking beyond the customary methods of interior design.

Passionate about the combination of design and technical solutions as well as color and materials, she is building the bridge between the customer’s visions and the feasibility in aviation. Working closely with both parties enable her to achieve the best solution.

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After fruitful and experiencing years with Reiner Heim, Warja's portfolio includes over 15 narrow body completions and various design concepts for BBJ 1-3 and MAX generation, A-319-321 and Neo- Generation - also five wide-body completions and various design concepts for the B-777-200, 300ER and B-777X; also B-747-300,-400 and the -800. Also continuing across the wide-body field, the A-330, A-340, A-350 and the A-380

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I strive to design diverse and functional VIP aircraft that provide superior comfort for all those aboard.

The crown of Ms. Borges' success to date was the honor of designing the Boeing Demonstrator, (having earned a Design Award Winner in 2018) - also winning the Designer of the Year Award 2018. Warja Borges remains a globally sought after resource in VVIP aircraft interior design, having worked for clients on multiple continents.

At the moment Ms. Borges is developing interior Collections for business jets to transfer her spirit and style into smaller cabins.

To learn more, visit:

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