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P R E S S   R E L E A S E

ALTO Aviation announces at the 2024 NBAA Miami Opa-Locka Regional Forum
the company's Q1-2024 Cabin Audio and CMS upgrade programs.


ALTO Aviation, a leading aerospace supplier of premium cabin audio systems and Cabin Management
Systems for Business Aviation, has announced at the 2024 NBAA Miami Opa-Locka Regional Forum its new
Q1-2024 Cabin Audio and Cabin Management Systems upgrade programs for Embraer, Gulfstream, and
Bombardier aircraft.

Embraer Phenom 100 and Phenom 300: ALTO exclusive adapter bracket provides a Public Announcement
(PA) System seamless replacement of the old loudspeakers with new ALTO fit-compatible speakers. The
aircraft can also be upgraded with ALTO's Bluetooth audio in combination with the company's DA-130/135

Gulfstream 200: ALTO offers a new plug-and-play upgrade solution that upgrades the existing ALTO analog

components with the latest ALTO digital audio technology in combination with the company's DA-
210/230DC amplifiers, respecting the existing loudspeaker configuration. The company also offers a

CadenceTM Cabin Management System upgrade for this model.

Bombardier Challenger: ALTO offers a new cabin audio upgrade to replace the existing analog components
for ALTO Premium Digital Stereo in combination with the company's DA-210/230DC amplifiers. ALTO also
offers a new CadenceTM Cabin Management System upgrade for all Challenger models.

For Gulfstream 200 and Bombardier Challenger platforms, the company offers special upgrades to ALTO
MySoundTM seat-centric audio technology and ease of integration, complete replacement of the existing
Cabin Management System on the aircraft with ALTO's System Master Controller SM-1070, and ALTO's
cabin control app, that allows passengers full functional cabin control from a personal device.

"We are very excited to launch the Q1-2024 upgrade programs for Phenom, Gulfstream 200, and
Challenger aircraft. Our customer-centric mission means always being there for all our customers, offering
them customized solutions for their aircraft that ease technical installation while providing their
passengers with the most outstanding listening experience and friendly cabin control." – Kevin Hayes,
ALTO Aviation VP of Sales & Marketing, said.

P R E S S   R E L E A S E

About ALTO Aviation

ALTO Aviation is a leading top-tier supplier of premium cabin audio systems and cabin control solutions
specifically tailored for the aerospace industry leader, celebrating over 26 years of service to the Business
Aviation industry. Today, over 7,000 business jets fly with ALTO Aviation components.
Our excellent in-house ALTO team designs, manufactures, distributes, and supports premium customized
cabin audio systems and Cabin Management for all aircraft in Business Aviation, including rotor, military,
and Special Mission aircraft. Our portfolio of products and solutions is FAA TSO-C139 approved. We
provide and support most major OEMs and MROs worldwide with the most advanced passenger-centric
technology in Digital Surround Sound, award-winning Immersive 3D audio, ALTO MySoundTM VIP seat
optimization, PA/Chime, Bluetooth® audio, CadenceTM Cabin Management System, Direct Replacement
Passenger Controls, and ALTO cabin control app.

ALTO's cabin systems engineers supervise and tune each project onsite, applying the most advanced
acoustic mapping resources, proprietary Digital Signal Processors, and algorithms to ensure maximum
optimization and customization of each installation. Our R&D division also develops cabin audio and cabin

control solutions explicitly engineered for the supersonic and UAM segments. ALTO also manufactures in-
house precision sheet metal and machined parts for aerospace and multiple high-standard industries.


If you would like more information, please visit or contact Cristina Scarlata at




86 Leominster Rd,

Sterling, MA 01564


(978) 466-5992

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