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An elegant blending of form and function for private and first class cabins.

I think it's across the board. We see people coming to us from OEM's, completion centers and often even the clients themselves.


Oh, and yes, designers for sure. We work with designers all the time and of course that’s the background many of our executive staff came from.”


“And what about aircraft types. I mean is it mostly top-tier business jets or do you get involved in any VVIP, the larger narrow or wide-body jets?


“It's mostly business jets at the moment. Those platforms are where we built our reputation and so it’s our core business. We're looking to grow our footprint so I think the larger airframes is something that will be coming. Our products are certainly applicable to that market too.”


“Do you consider Primadonna an amenities firm, in the classic sense? For example, do you also supply CCF (crystal, china, flatware) and the full range of cabin amenities?”


“Well, as to whether we think of ourselves as an amenities firm, I mean I suppose we see ourselves as a stand-alone, but yes, certainly we supply CCF and the full range of amenities. I would put it this way, we can supply anything in terms of loose equipment.

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We know aircraft. We know the OEMs that manufacture them, and we know the flight crews that work aboard them. That's our edge.”


Our production facility, which is also our company headquarters in Tucson, is where our dedicated team of craftspeople create custom linens, mattresses etc. We pay close attention to specifics that are relevant to private jets while developing new products. But again, I want to point out that what makes Primadonna a market leader and why we have grown to have such a following, is the enormous group of talent we have, almost all of them have had long tenures at the OEMs that are now our customers. This level of talent and experience is what gives us that edge over some of the more traditional amenities groups out there. We know aircraft. We know the OEMs that manufacture them, and we know the flight crews that work aboard them.”


With all this invaluable knowledge, we clearly understand the importance of scale, as I mentioned above, and the smallest of details when designing, sourcing, and providing products and services for private aircraft.  When it comes to making selections to outfit a cabin, our curated collections: Sleep, Dine, Refresh, Relax, and Service help make projects effortless for our customers.”


As Primadonna continues to grow, they keep working towards enhancing existing collections and adding new ones as needs arise. The company is dedicated to creating and delivering the finest handcrafted luxury linens, mattresses and offering products to make outfitting a private aircraft a simple and enjoyable process.


As they like to say, “Primadonna curates everything needed for exceptional in-flight experiences.

JCF Magazine would sincerely like to thank Ms. Mindy Elizelde for visiting with us today and offering a deeper insight into a company whose brand has become ubiquitous across the industry.

To learn more, visit:

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"We curate everything needed for exceptional in-flight experiences."

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