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Zodiac Aerospace Unveils The RevolutionTM Premium Bidet

First Upgrade Option For The RevolutionTM Toilet

Carson, CA USA – April 6, 2018 – Zodiac Aerospace is pleased to announce the unveiling of the
RevolutionTM Premium Bidet, during the 2018 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany. The
RevolutionTM Premium Bidet is a modular enhancement for the popular RevolutionTM Toilet.
The RevolutionTM Premium Bidet can be integrated directly onto a RevolutionTM Toilet without the
expense of replacing the toilet.

The RevolutionTM Premium Bidet provides passengers with a gentle dual front and back warm water
feature. The premium bidet also includes an auto sanitize feature after use. Additionally, this new
bidet offers significant reliability improvements compared to other bidets currently available in the

“Airlines have been asking us for new bidet features, and we listened,” said Zodiac Water and Waste
Aero Systems CEO, Sebastien Weber. “We want to provide a product that is not only easy to install
on the existing RevolutionTM toilets, but also provides passengers with an easy to use solution, which
is the RevolutionTM Premium Bidet.”

“The RevolutionTM toilet platform allows us to deliver innovation and improve passenger experience
with minimal disruption to airline engineering and maintenance.”

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