Duncan Aviation is now installing a pathogen-removing, air-cleaning component from ACA (Aviation Clean Air). This component is designed to work with an aircraft’s existing environmental control system as an active air- and surface-purification system. Active means it’s not passive like an air filtration system that works only when air passes through it. As your aircraft flies, the ACA system cleans and improves air quality throughout the aircraft by killing harmful pathogens and neutralizing odors and allergens.

Because it’s not a static air filter, the system actively kills viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. ACA’s independent testing has found the system effective against pathogens that cause the common cold, flu (swine, avian, etc.), MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), C. diff (clostridium difficile), E. coli (Escherichia coli), pneumonia, polio, and mold. In May 2020, an independent test by Innovative BioAnalysis found the ACA ionizer effective against the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

In addition to pathogens, the ACA component also neutralizes potentially harmful gasses caused by fuel emissions, other VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and offensive odors caused by cooking or cleaning, cigar smoke, stagnant air, and lavatories. Pet odors are also neutralized. The system also reduces the static electricity in your aircraft that’s caused by the low relative humidity of the cabin air.