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Proving one's value as a “one stop shop” in the interiors market is not as easy as it may sound. It can indeed provide consolidated ease for both designers and centers – but ONLY

if a consistent uniformity of extremely high quality and reliability is retained across the entire product range.


For more than a decade now OmnAvia Interiors has crafted itself to manage that difficult edge, proving themselves as just such a provider in the demanding aviation interiors market. The company has painstakingly built a key portfolio of flame-resistant decorative materials for the designer, completion center, refurbishment facility or repair station to create an interior décor designed to satisfy the most discriminating aesthetic and technical requirements. How does this bear out in real terms? Simple. Their customer list of top-tier companies has grown consistently since their beginning.

Managing Partner Robin Butler joined the aerospace interiors community in the mid-1980’s when he joined the team of a Swiss-owned major producer of commercial airline fabrics, carpets, and bulkhead carpet murals. Leveraging a degree in Textile Engineering, he quickly focused the educational training on the creative and technical aspect of the aviation textiles. Also discovering a spirit of entrepreneurship, he started his own distribution business in 1990 with a focus on the commercial aviation market. Client demand evolved into an opportunity to venture into the private aircraft, business jet and VVIP markets. Bringing it all forward, OmnAvia was launched in 2012 with the aggressive aim of providing a multitude of solutions to the market, all under a single roof; a way of providing its customers with a true, reliable and predictive sourcing experience across a full range of interior requirements.

When it comes to seating, the OmnAvia portfolio features a variety of leather options in a choice of surface textures, colors, thicknesses, and haptics. The company’s hides are primarily of European origin resulting in large hides with fewer blemishes and better yields. OmnAvia also now offers customized quilt-stitched leather panels with unique perforation patterns and embroidery capability. This allows the smaller to mid-sized refurbishment center the ability to offer their clientele a highly customized, more sophisticated seat cover configuration to rival any design offered by the VVIP completion centers.

A safe and functional aircraft relies upon materials that are not visible, but are vital to comfort, safety, and compliance with safety standards. OmnAvia stocks a variety of “Behind the Seams” materials that are suitable for these requirements. Their seating foams are available in a variety of densities and are color coded for ease in manufacturing.  From panel covering to insulation foams, carpet padding and other cabin interior foams, they all help make the cabin quieter, warmer and more comfortable. OmnAvia’s range of fire blocking fabrics are held in stock and sold in cut-yardage quantities so that customers buy only what is needed to complete the interior refurbishment program.


















“The most important feature of our ability to service clientele is our people.” says Mr. Butler. “Every   one of our staff of service specialists maintains a comprehensive knowledge across our full product range – as well as quoted delivery times. ”OmnAvia Interiors continues to prove itself as a serious player in the aggregate interior product sourcing market. As we suggested at the beginning of this article, it’s easy to say, “hey, we have everything! Come see us.” But designers, centers and specifiers not only know what they need, but the quality requirements that absolutely have to be met and the reliability of service that has to come with it. To offer an entire range of separate products and maintain that uniformity of quality and service is what separates the ‘talkers from the walkers’. JCF Magazine has been looking at OmnAvia’s customer testimonials for a while now and they have clearly amassed a lot of satisfied customers – along with and an impressive growth trajectory that certainly seems to support it.




OmnAvia currently offers carpets and leathers, fabrics and flooring, foams and fire blockers, plating and anodizing and virtually everything else required to meet most Bizjet, VVIP or other private aircraft interior requirements - conveniently available from a single source with closely managed quality and service reliability.

To request a complete range or product samples, and to learn more about the many ways OmnAvia Interiors can serve you, visit their website:  or reach out directly at:

“The foundation for any project is flooring,” says Butler “and our selection of carpets offers a truly expansive range of pattern and colors.” The company’s nylon pile carpets are designed for smaller cabin aircraft and the range of patterns and colors allow the individual owner to step it up a notch when selecting a floor covering pattern. OmnAvia’s in-stock broadloom tufted wool pile carpets cover a wide range of textures and hues, and all comply with the requirements for Part 121 and 135 aircraft. It’s partnership with a manufacturer of hand-tufted custom carpets offer the most discriminating client bespoke wool and wool/silk blend carpets to fulfill the designer’s creative vision.

For cockpit and stowage areas OmnAvia maintains a stock of solid color non-textile flooring options. Trending today in aircraft and marine cabins are NTF materials that replicate natural woods and stone patterns. These laminate selections create a stunning environmental ambiance - and can also provide a visual and textural relief from carpet in cases where the designer wants to define a particular area with material transitions.

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As textile specialists OmnAvia’s selection of woven fabrics from European weaving mills adds the perfect complement to the cabin’s seating and panel surfaces. From rich subtle textured weaves to plush velvets and designer chenille, its Prestige Collection showcases a range of fabrics for elevating a project’s aesthetic to the next level in cabin artistry. Walls and ceilings demand a covering material that is soft to the touch, easy to clean, and stretchable. IZIT® Leather Platinum FR is perfect for headliner, sidewall and even seating applications. Produced in North Carolina, IZIT® Platinum FR is available in 28 stock colors and custom colors and textures can be quickly produced for large multi-vessel programs. Additionally, the company’s new grospoint fabrics and woven panel fabrics are ideal for high-wear areas like dados and risers, as well as closet and baggage stowage compartments.
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The most important feature of our ability to service clientele is our people.

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