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2014: Fokker partners with Boeing, creating the largest ever aircraft passenger window. It was dubbed "Sky View"

Dutch Innovation
Inspired Colaboration

“Impressive…I had no idea. And I doubt many of our readers are fully aware of this robust history either. So, I think that brings us to your new wide-body hangar once again.”


Yes, so in April of 2021, our company was acquired by a 100% Dutch investment company called Panta Holdings. Prior to that, we were owned by GKN for several years, a large British firm with around 30,000 employees but their primary focus was on manufacturing -  while our company is more tailored to providing services and specifically bespoke solutions, our acquisition by Panta Holdings has been a much better fit and they have shown their commitment to grow us in this direction – hence the new wide-body hangar.”


“And for our readers, where are you on that now?”


“We started this new build over six months ago, the groundwork and everything and it's a completely state-of-the-art hangar built by a Spanish company called Gaptek. They also built a A400M hangars in Sevilla, a military aircraft, so it's more or less a replica of that one and very advanced due to the military requirements. It will feature geothermal energy system, solar panels covering virtually the entire 87 by 86-meter roof, so you can imagine the amount of panels. Additionally, the hangar will be fully floor heated.”


“Let’s talk aircraft for a moment. Is there any limitation on the type of wide bodies it will accommodate?”


“No, virtually no limitations. The hanger will fit  the B787, 777-X and A-350. And we are currently busy with the ACJ330 of course. So, let’s say our strategic plans for this new hangar, are firmly set on wide body completions - and definitely with an eye to 777 completions, as well as 787 and similar size wide bodies in the Airbus family.”


“And what about such activities as cabinetry and other monuments? Will you have the ability to produce those components in-house or will that be outsourced?” "Yes, bear in mind that when we ceased manufacturing aircraft, we still hung onto our large complex of backshops, not to mention a workforce that have the know how and experience to build monuments, cabinetry and other high-end finish components.

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in the early days, we delivered quite a few head of state aircraft. For example, we delivered a couple of aircraft to the Ford Motor Company as executive jets. Also, many head of states customers all around the globe, including the Argentine, Gabon & Ghana Air Forces, the Government of Malaysia and many others

“Yes, as I mentioned earlier, we inherited all of the extensive back-shops when the aircraft manufacturing side was shut down, so we have welding shops, cabinetry shops, sheet metal, wiring harnesses, metallic tubing and the full range of back-shops required for VVIP. We can even make our own custom linings, let's say for Dome panels and sidewalls. Additionally, we have quite a few innovations, one being that we are the only completion center which has a certain feature in their portfolio to eliminate speaker grills. There is literally nothing visible, yet the innovation has no effect on sound quality, in fact it’s even better I would say.”


“I wanted to ask, do you have an on-site paint facility?”


“We do, yes. Currently we can accommodate anything up to BBJ3 and ACJ321. In the coming years, we hope to expand that ability onto larger aircraft.”


Well Boaz, I can’t thank you enough for your time, especially during your evening and on Easter, no less. Certainly, the Fokker name has always been in our heads. We all know it and many of us, myself included, having ridden on them as commercial aircraft. But never had I paired the Fokker name with VVIP interior completions – and I think for many of our readers, especially in the western hemisphere, has somewhat been under a similar notion.


But certainly, that perception has changed, and will continue to. And with BBJ sales ‘off the charts’ for 2023 and similar numbers reported for Airbus’s ACJ program, I think we can all agree, there is plenty of room right now for a new wide-body player!


We hope you will keep us informed for your ribbon-cutting on the new hangar. As always JCF Magazine is grateful for your time.

Mr. Boaz Bal
Sales Director Aircraft Conversions and Completions | Fokker Services Group

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