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Forging a Unique Relationship with Design Studios, Citadel Completions is looking to up the game for all parties...and shorten the Completion Cycle in the process.


Citadel Completions in Lake Charles, La has embarked on a very forward thinking program wherein designers from all around the world are invited to leverage the robust internal design and engineering assets at Citadel - in order to help them through the initial concept stages of new designs. The program, dubbed "Design Connect" is drawing quite a bit of attention from independent designers and it looks to be a promising new way of developing a tighter relationship between designers and a major center - while helping both entities in key ways.

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A Completion Manager is Not Enough! The New Private Jet Owner Deserves More - Camber Aviation's Thomas Chatfield

When a private aircraft owner makes the decision to step up from a bizjet to a VVIP, it's more than merely moving from a 150' yacht to a 200 footer - way more.  It's no longer merely about size, it's about, well...almost everything. Probably the biggest single distinguisher is that a new VVIP aircraft (be it a narrow or wide-body) is not delivered to you, ready to take your family to the Monaco Grand Prix. It's delivered as a 'green' aircraft - flyable to be sure, but aft of the flight-deck, looking even more sparse that a military transport. So for your $60 ML or so, you've purchased an asset you literally can't use and must undergo 12 months or more of outfitting before you can even think about it. And that's only where the differences begin.


Thoamas Chatfield is CEO and owner of Camber Aviation in Vancouver, Canada and his entire business is about taking the uninitiated buyer through the complex maze of a new VVIP project and the ownership that follows.


Dr. Praveen Srivastava (Mumbai) weighs in on the burgeoning Post-Covid Business Jet markets of Asia and the Middle-East.

This Doctor won’t be able to help you with hypertension or your thyroid levels, but he's certainly wired into the region’s business aviation global market trends. Dr. Praveen Srivastava is the CEO of Aerochamp, a Mumbai based product and service provider to the global business jet market. In addition to heading AeroChamp, Dr. Praveen also sits on the board of several other aviation companies in the region. With 25+ years experience in positioning companies to take advantage of global and regional market trends, Dr. Srivastava has earned the reputation as an influencer in the region and something of an expert in forecasting emerging aviation hotspots.


Autumn Elizabeth Design...

Bridging the Gap

Out of the US's deep south comes a bright young aviation designer bent on filling what she sees as a gap. Autumn Duntz, founder of Autumn Elizabeth Design believes there is a gulf between residential and aircraft interior design. She firmly believes the aesthetic enjoyed in our homes, is transposable to the private aircraft we own and fly.

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Saluting an American Visionary

Sheldon G. Adelson  1933-2021

The word "visionary" is often thrown around in describing self-made billionaires and entrepreneurs.  Yes, All of them had good ideas. All of them had tenacity. And all of them recognized opportunity when they saw it. But the truth is, the "visionary" handle really only belongs to a very few. Sheldon Adelson was a man literally incapable of conceiving small ideas - nor was he interested in small.

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An Emerging New Design Studio headed by one of

Germany's Most Respected Designers

Michael “Skyboek” Reichenecker is an Aircraft Interior Architect and head of Design at Berlin's MOVATION EEIG studio. With more than a decade of experience, he is considered a thought leader in the VVIP space.  Mr. Reichenecker brings a 'freshness' to VVIP design, not often seen. As we sat down, it quickly became evident why.

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The Long Awaited, Immensely Exciting Evolution in

VIP Seat Development


From the very beginnings of private aviation, seat design has been what many designers would call 'undernourished'. Owners and Operators have often put it in less delicate terms. But what all could agree is that VIP aviation seating still remains a far cry from our favorite chairs at home.

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Microbial Warfare

Signature Plating's Unlikely Game-Changer in the War on Interior Cabin Viral Transmission.

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Pierrejean Vision

There are names in the industrial design world that always seem to float to the surface in conversation. I was recently in the South of France for the annual Monaco Yacht Show, one of the world's most well attended yachting shows by actual owners. In that rather unique setting, one is privy to conversations involving owners, their representatives and captains. By the end of the show, I had heard the name Pierrejean at least FIVE times, independently.

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E-First / White Glove

Changing the Game

by Vince Restivo

Multiple industry sources confirm there is a boom coming for VVIP and Head of State completions. BBJ claims it booked 14 new orders in late 2017 and into 2017. These aircraft will soon be seeing daylight and headed to completion centers for outfitting. And Airbus is reporting similar. See what's at stake for the companies involved

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Lock & Load


After an OEM upsurge in sales, the VVIP completion community prepares for the coming BOOM!

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Winch Design

"Halo over the Thames"


A look at a UK based design firm that is arguably the most successful transportation design group on the planet. What they're up to and where they're headed. Oh!...and something way out there!


Associated Air Center

Demise of a Legend

by Perry Ashcromb

One of the great and longstanding VVIP centers, fell silently off the global completion landscape late last year. In this article we discuss some of the reasons why and what their contribution was over 75 years

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