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AEROFOAM announces first ever Memory Foam Seat Buildups for VVIP & Business Jets

Aerofoam Industries has broken a long held threshold by introducing Memory Foam to the VVIP and Business Jet marketplace. "The newly certified material can be stand-alone or combined with other foam buildups in achieving the ultimate comfort for private aircraft owners and their guests. Additionally," says Yvonne Tillyer, the company's spokesperson,

"We can completely tailor a seat to a particular person's overall weight, anatomy

and desired comfort".

Memory Foam substraights can also be added to headrest or vertical surfaces for enhanced acoustic/noise cancelling properties.

Aerofoam specializes in the design and fabrication of seat cushion and cover systems, fabricated foam components, and turnkey plastics assemblies. AI as an acknowledged leader in material development and innovation of high resilient foams, plastics, and covers for the Business Jet and Commercial airline industry spaces. Their proprietary cushion and cover systems have been incorporated onto multiple seat platforms providing optimal passenger comfort, including the Delta Airlines Pinnacle and MiQ seat.

"We all come in different shapes and sizes and so should seats" says Ms. Tillyer. "Why then should we restrict a customer's choice to a one size fits all? The lifecycle of our seat cover starts with a pencil and a designer’s sketchpad. The style begins to take shape after the material has been laminated. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for endless patterns, logo placements, embossing, debossing, to a high-end automotive look and feel." "The choices are endless and completely up to the customer."

For more information on Aerofoam Industries, visit: https://www.aerofoams.com/

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