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LILOU of Italy - Water Jewels for the Airborne Experience.

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

LILOU of Italy is "One of a Kind..."

The handle "Water Jewels" is entirely appropriate for these water dispensing masterpieces.

Thanks to the exceptionally diverse techniques and savoir-faire of LILOU's talented jewelers and craftsmen, their creations offer a touch of refinement to objects often overlooked in VVIP or Business Jet cabins.

Lilou is a family owned company with over 100 years of combined experience in the crafting of high end Italian jewelry in Valenza Pò, Italy, manufacturing epicenter of the finest  Jewelry Houses in Europe today. 

With an avant-garde approach to research and design fused with the traditional discipline of jewelery crafting we are able to create exclusively personalised bejewelled faucets and accessories in the most unexpected forms and designs.

Lilou's personalized works of art are as unique as the materials in which they are crafted. From 24Kt gold or platinum plate to solid 18Kt gold, all of Lilou’s creations are hand-set with precious, semi-precious stones and/or Swarovski crystals; all depending on the customer’s desires, personal taste and budget.

For more information, contact: https://www.lilouwaterjewels.com/

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