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June 5th, 2024 - for immediate release
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May 20, 2024, Savannah, GA… Aviation Clean Air (ACA) is pleased to announce that it has finalized an agreement with Embraer for the installation of the patented ACA Ionization Purification System as a factory-approved production option in Phenom and Praetor series aircraft. The ACA system is also approved for installation as an aftermarket option. 

“We are very pleased that Embraer has chosen to include the ACA System as an option for new aircraft owners, as well as for aircraft already in service,” said Howard Hackney, ACA Managing Member. “The proactive ACA System immediately improves interior air quality and neutralizes pathogens. Although the system had been installed on a variety of aircraft models for several years, the advent of COVID-19 brought the need to mitigate the spread of that virus and others into sharper focus. Our System is proven to do just that as well as providing many other benefits that ensure a safe and comfortable cabin environment.”

ACA’s patented system quickly and effectively improves interior air quality while neutralizing pathogens in the air and on surfaces throughout the aircraft.  ACA’s airborne Ionization System is certified and installed on more than sixty aircraft models and is certified to the latest FAA and EASA environmental and regulatory requirements.

“The ACA system is installed in the aircraft’s environmental control system (ECS) and functions automatically when the ECS is running,” Hackney added. “The system provides continuous decontamination of the aircraft interior while requiring no scheduled maintenance. The proven technology is a replication of nature’s natural process with nothing else added and is therefore safe for every facet of the interior space and will not damage furnishings or aircraft components in any way.”

ACA’s facilities are located adjacent to the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport in Savannah, Georgia, and near Los Angeles, CA. For more information on ACA and its products, please visit



Media Contact:  Julie Stone

Mobile: (912) 398-0498

Aviation Clean Air System Approved
for Installation in Embraer Aircraft
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