Cost Effective Direct Visibility

PRIME is JCF's top tier of participation for CABIN SUPPLIER GROUPS. Unlike our Supplier Index, PRIME is a paid participation and is our main, most visible roster of supplier companies (46 categories subdivided into 2 overall use groups). PRIME is where Completion Centers, Design Studios and Specifiers look to locate and directly interact with  the top supplier groups - worldwide. PRIME features full interactive DISPLAY LISTINGS. It's the highest visibility, most direct conduit to your customers (be it print or digital), anywhere in the world. While you will find some larger global companies in these pages - PRIME was predominately designed to offer small and medium size companies an affordable and far more cost-effective alternative to enormously expensive ad rates in the major trades.


All PRIME participations are sold on an annualized basis, meaning your Display Listing will remain live for a FULL YEAR from the date of your purchase. As a PRIME subscriber, you can modify (or completely change out) your display ad as often as you like, according to your goals - and many more powerful features.

To learn more or purchase, become a basic subscriber. All members are vetted. The approvals process normally takes 24 hrs or less. 

In the meantime, check out the rates, inclusions and more HERE.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate.   or call: 214.415.3492



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