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Welcome and thank you for purchasing your year long ad representation on Freshbook.
This is where we make you look beautiful and catch eyes!
Not to worry, our talented staff will assemble and publish your ad. We just need you to provide the components. It all happens in six easy fields below and normally requires only about 10-15 minutes to complete.
Start by inputing your desired CATEGORY  Review both sections (Design & Technical) and decide which category best fits your company. Then enter your selected category below.
Next input your desired Ad Text  (reference the SAMPLE image below for guidance)
Next, upload your ad image.
See the image below for reference and look around the site as well, to get ideas. You may use a composite image like the sample below or just a single image. It's up to you - but keep it simple (not busy). In either case the overall image should 2000 pixels wide X 1350 high. 144 resolution is ideal but higher is OK. 
Basically, all ads have the same four components: Primary image, your Logo, Leader Text (larger point size - sparse), and your Secondary Text (longer - smaller point size). That's it! We will add your "rights reserved"  statement for you (bottom left) and your three hyperlink icons at bottom right.
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Upload Your Ad Image

Below is an explanation of the THREE common links to all Premium ads. Use them to your advantage!

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Next, provide your VIDEO link. (optional)
Paste your YOUTUBE or VIMEO link in the field below. We will affix the video prompter within your ad.
Almost done! Please upload your LOGO.
We prefer PNG files (with no background) as it provides flexibility in laying out your ad. However if you submit a regular jpg, now worries but please make sure your logo is resting on a WHITE background.
Upload Your Logo

All set! Please double check to make sure you've uploaded content to each field and hit SUBMIT.

All done. Your content has been submitted. One of our awesome graphic artists will build your ad and load it to the site for your review in the next 1-2 business days. You're all set!

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