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Jean-Pierre Alfano - AIRJET Design

A' DESIGN AWARD  Jean-Pierre Alfano 2019-2020 Private Helicopter Interior / Mobility and Transportation Category.

Based in Toulouse, France, Jean-Pierre Alfano is a prolific aviation interior designer, having won numerous awards for his work. His designs can be found in both aircraft and yachts have influenced both industries and set trends. The animation on the previous page is yet another remarkable example of his talents. Read as he narrates the design process undertaken on project A-320 "Stallion."
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The personalized interior design created for this Airbus A320 blends artisan craftsmanship and clean modern lines to provide a sensation of luxury. 

The aircraft is designed for 10 passengers with 2 VIP flight attendants. The layout consists of an entrance area with galleys and crew rest area, followed by a lounge and bar that can sit 10 passengers, a dining and meeting area, a private bedroom, and a bathroom with shower.

One of the main objectives of this design was to provide passengers with an exceptional feeling of refinement and sophistication by blending exclusive materials such as onyx flooring, straw marquetry, alabaster mosaic and uniquely designed decorative features, reminiscent of the Art Deco and Cubist art movements.

Modern French interior design features such as capitonné wall fabric panels and white marble flooring with black corner squares were blended into the design to provide a certain finesse.

Alabaster mosaic elements specifically designed and uniquely made for this project (lamps, sconce lights and decorative panels for bar medallion and shower) have been used throughout the cabin to give the interior a balanced feel with the dominant straight lines of the design.

“Angélique” and “Walking Figure”, limited-edition bronze sculptures from Jim Ritchie, greet passengers at the aircraft entrance area and are complemented by an eye-catching chrome-on-resin sculpture of a raging horse in the lounge.

This striking faceted horse sculpture was designed by Jean-Pierre Alfano as a statement piece in the  interior that ties into the Principal’s love of race horses. The art piece was made with molded resin, coated with 3 layers of chrome nickel plating.


Jean-Pierre Alfano is the Founder and Creative Director of AirJet Designs, a distinguished creative design studio in the aviation industry.  As Creative Director of AirJet Designs, today he leads a talented, multi-disciplined team of designers and engineers with the creativity, savoir-faire, and enthusiasm needed to design modern, luxury aircraft.

With a dual background in Industrial Design and Engineering, Mr. Alfano is a sought-after designer that brings fresh ideas, technical know-how, and over 20 years of experience to every project.  Jean-Pierre studied design in France, Italy, and the United States and completed a Masters degree in Design and Engineering in 1997 at the University of Troyes in France.

Airjet Designs has become known over the years for its design of innovative aircraft interiors and today, as head of the studio,  Jean-Pierre is considered as one of Europe’s leading aviation designers whose strength resides in his creativity and a 360° knowledge of airworthiness, engineering, fabrication, and completion requirements.

Always focused on the user experience in his design approach, Jean-Pierre favors clean lines combined with superior detailing and traditional luxury craftsmanship, to design upscale interiors, products, and art that make a unique statement.

As of 2021, AirJet Designs also offers its services to the yacht industry, and to showcase its capabilities the studio designed two interior concepts for yachts under 40 meters.  One of these interior designs, named “L’Elégance”, was recently awarded with a Design et al International Yacht & Aviation Award.

These panels can be fully opaque, or completely transparent, allowing passengers to experience the full width of the 777 from within this separate space.



Mr. Alfano and his company are also involved in major yacht projects as well. Pictured above M.Y. L'ELEGANCE

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Bombardier Global Express

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AIRBUS A-320   The "Acquario" Owners Suite

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