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Warja Borges - UNIQUE Aircraft

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Ms. Warja Borge with AMAC colleagues - showing off a recent Yacht & Aviation award

Based in Munich, Germany, Warja Borges is one of the most prolific aviation interior designers in the world today. Her work has influenced the industry and set trends. The animation on the previous page is yet another remarkable example of her success - a new B-777-300ER she appropriately dubbed "The Emerald Palace
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Warja Borges/Unique Aircraft “Emerald Palace”, is a remarkable new interior for the Boeing Business Jet 777- 300ER.

The design concept was developed in co-operation with Boeing Business Jets and visualized by ACA-3D with the goal of highlighting the interior possibilities enabled by the BBJ 777- 300ER. With the widest and largest cabin of any twin-engine airplane flying today, the BBJ 777 freed the design from the traditional train/car-like aisle and cabin layout. The end result was a diverse and functional VIP aircraft concept that provides superior comfort for all those aboard, for what is one of the longest-range aircrafts in the world.

There were four main tasks involved with the design. The first was to emphasize the ample area (278.8 m2) and height of the B777-300ER. The second was to include a wide variety of spaces, including the currently trending VIP mini-suites, with lay-flat seating for all aboard - and a grand lounge. The fourth objective was to appeal to a global audience. And the final goal was to ensure that all those aboard, from Principal, to VIP guests, and to staff, have a comfortable space to spend on ultra-long 10,000 nm flights.

With these four tasks in mind, Unique Aircraft approached the challenge firstly by considering the layout in separate areas along with functional modules and special features, instead of following the more traditional approach of building a series of boxes inside the cabin.

The design intentionally alternates between narrow and spacious to exaggerate the effect of the 5.9 m wide fuselage, as passengers enter each new zone.

Secondly, starting from the front, the layout consists of a private area with bedroom and bathroom, then a grand common open space followed by a separate dining/conference area in the longitudinal centre of the aircraft.

Aft of this room, and past the cupola shaped lavatory and storage complex, is the VIP guest area with private apartments and a more intimate lounge/movie room. Upon reaching door four, passengers will find a large galley, and immediately beyond, private First-Class compartments. The very rear of the aircraft features generous lie-flat business class seating, bringing the total passenger count to about 75.

Thirdly, due to the remarkable volume of the B-777, Unique Aircraft wanted to create cabin a lively and stimulating cabin interior design. Thusly, eschewed two tone woods and leathers were utilized to create lounges that take their inspiration from contemporary luxury hotels. The timeless design makes use of floor to ceiling panels covered with a variety of fabrics, wood, stone and painted surfaces. In addition, transparent panels are used to separate areas, while at the same time maintaining an open, airy atmosphere. The selected colours are a homogenous mixture to excite one’s senses; greens for balance, calm and regeneration, brown woods for safety and reliability, light warm greys for clarity and finally, orange-reds for vitalization and re-energization.

The design also pays special attention to the latest technical innovations, including whole cabin humidification, curved / hidden OLED monitors, a full cooktop affording true restaurant cuisine. Additionally the design infuses mood lighting coupled with time release fragrances. The aircraft welcomes its passengers on board with an elegant, symmetrical entrance hall. The symmetry of the room is further accentuated by a throw rug at the wood floor’s centre - and two eye-catching fabric panels, fwd and aft. The geometric theme is continued on the ceiling, which features a classically inspired multicylinder chandelier.

These panels can be fully opaque, or completely transparent, allowing passengers to experience the full width of the 777 from within this separate space.

Ceiling height transparent dividers separate the lounge area from the hallway. Too large to expect everyone to converse together all the time, the grand lounge is designed around three seating groups. These separate but slightly overlapping seat groupings are flexible get- together areas, each illuminated with floor-mounted lamps that provide warm, even, shoulder level light. The modern swirling carpet design circulates around the centre monument which hosts a hidden pop-up bar. Cabin-wide curved walls forward and aft are equipped with OLED monitors hidden behind moving fabric panels. Recessed light cut-outs in the headliner, mirror the curvature of the walls without impacting ceiling height.

The primary feature of the partially oval-shaped room is the six-place centrally mounted dining table. Several minimalist overlapping circle fixtures provide concentrated lighting over the dining area. The space is purpose built to accommodate dinners and meetings alike, both occasions where the focus is inward, toward the group or project. As a result, the lighting fades rapidly out towards the sparingly mood lit walls, covered in dark fabric, further enhancing the effect. Although the room is fully enclosed, the dining area makes use of priva-lite filled cut-outs in the hallway wall. These panels can be fully opaque, or completely transparent, allowing passengers to experience the full width of the 777 from within this separate space.

Two curved light strips in the ceiling create a striking opening into the aircraft-wide guest lounge. Large L-shaped divans, both left and right, invite passengers to get-together and relax. Equipped with two 55” monitors, this area can also be used as a media room. For mid-movie snacks, the buffet at the aft end of the room can be served directly from the galley behind.

The bedroom is dominated by a king-sized bed framed by a ceiling height headboard and two monuments with softly lit cut-outs for the principle’s most treasured items. Situated slightly forward of the bed, a comfortable two-place seating area provides a retreat space for the VIP. Continuing the theme of open space, a ceiling height curved glass wall with a 65” OLED monitor provides the necessary separation from the dressing area without
making the bedroom feel cramped. In the dressing area, a 3m stowage wall and the oval cabinet provides ample storage for personal belongings. A vanity table at the inboard wall completes the arrangement. In lieu of physical separations, ambient lighting in the different areas creates isles of functions throughout the suite. Hidden behind the stowage wall is the private bathroom. More spa than bathroom, it features a huge, curved double-sink washstand and back-lit swiveling mirror. Finally, a large walk-in bisazza covered shower is featured, with steam bath functions and a bench inside - completing the ‘spa feel’.


Warja Borges’s designs and layouts offer a perfect balance between the unique wishes and requirements of the customer and a harmonic arrangement that respect all the technical requirements and aircraft regulatory mandates. With the best utilization of space and purposefully designed furniture, Unique Aircraft interiors work seamlessly for both personal and business use. Unique’s style carefully blends the customer’s taste with old and new design trends to create a timeless cabin interior - combining tradition and modernity to stimulate the senses.



The Boeing 777-300 ER is the pentacle of VVIP platforms - a large canvas for Ms Borges and her team!

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Ms. Borges working with the Boeing Business Jet team on the BBJ demonstrator project

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Right down to the china, linens and cutlery, Warja Borges and UNIQUE Aircraft look after the smallest finishing details.

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