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I S S U E   1 5      M A Y   2 0 2 4

Our subscribers and followers are comprised of the top Completion Centers, the top Design Studios and the big dog OEMs that specify and purchase your goods. And while they may be familiar with you already, keeping your brand in front of them, is absolutely what matters when it comes to attracting new business.


Freshbook Magazine is one of only two publications in the world, solely dedicated to aircraft interiors. It’s also worth noting that as an all-digital magazine, our rates are a ‘fraction’ of our print-based UK competitor. But let’s get to the opportunity.


From now until the end of MAY, we’re offering two significant limited-time specials for any US based, first-time advertiser:

Either deal buys you a FULL YEAR's worth of ad presence (all six issues) and all the extended promotions and perks that come with it. And while paying upfront will save you even more, we offer a ’payout’ plan (six equal payments over the year) if cashflow constraints dictate. Preferred positions are negotiable. Offer expires May 31st, 2024

Your customers read our magazine.
No hyperbole. Your audience and our audience are one and the same.

Our two top selling ads (2/3rd Width OR Square) - regular rate:  $12,000 - Media Deal:  $10,000.  see it

Our higest profile FULL Width Strip - regular rate:  $14,000 - Media Deal:  $11,500.  see it


Our higest profile FULL Width Strip - regular rate:  $14,000 - Media Deal:  $11,500.  see it

Our higest profile FULL Width Strip - regular rate: $14,000 - Media Deal: $11,500. see it

    2/3rd Width Horizontal  Ad

Either ad format option (above or below), offered at the same rate - shown above

 Square Format Ads


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