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Townsend Leather

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FRI, Nov 12th, 2021

For business or private aircraft designers seeking to take their interior designs to new heights, leather has no equal. It is a lasting, high-performance upholstery material. When well maintained, leather pays for itself over time and is more than able to meet the demands of the aviation industry. Not only is our leather durable and luxurious, it is able to be customized for each interior design. It can be enhanced with hand-rubs, shimmering foils or embossed patterns. With Townsend Leather, you can let your imagination fly.

Townsend also offers customized pattern cutting programs, after market support through our sister company, The Leather Institute, as well as able to meet all performance, weight, and FAA Flammability standards.

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As featured in Friday's, NOV 12th Supplier Showcase

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