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Wallsdorf leathers are LIGHTWEIGHT,

flame retardant and much more.

Did you know that projects actually save money with Wollsdorf's lightweight leather? Based on their patented production procedures, they are able to produce aircraft leather that is about 40% lighter than conventional aviation leather. Airlines are thereby able to save considerable amounts of fuel due to the resulting weight reduction of aviation leather seats.

Especially leather for airlines is subject to consistent wear and should also not lose its luster over time. Thus, their Amba Eco (FOC) leather, which was developed specifically for aircraft seat covers, has been equipped with SPS finish in order to improve the leather’s soiling characteristics and alleviate the cleaning process – and all this without subsequent embossing over the entire service life of the aviation leather.

And Let's not forget about the most important factor: safety. Safety is of paramount importance when airborne, which is why all Wollsdorf's leather coverings are equipped with a flame retardant to reduce combustibility. Wollsdorf's leathers all pass FAA and EASA burn requirements - making them ready for use without additional treating or additional steps. 

Wollsdorf offers customers both a broad spectrum of proven services and products as well as highly relevant leather equipments that allow for wholly new application options and design solutions. They integrate highly efficient heating systems and electronic components in leather surfaces, produce leather with antibacterial surface protection or manufacture leather without the use of heavy metals, chrome and glutaraldehyde.


Unique results due to the pursuit of new methods

Research and development form the basis for creating premium and sustainable leather products and the prospective growth of our company. An innovative spirit, modern testing devices and an optimally equipped laboratory also allow for the development of alternative manufacturing processes and creative surface materials.

Wallsdorf Product Options 

Tanned leather based on natural raw materials.

Bright tanning is currently the most advanced tanning method on the market as it combines the functionality of modern leather with ecological requirements. This specially tanned leather is popular for applications in cars, interior, aircraft, boats and more.

Natural raw material as the basis for tanning

An aluminium-quartz compound, which is also used in tooth pastes, detergents or dietary supplements is used as a tanning agent. The tanning agent is based on the same elements as sand and is therefore completely free of heavy metals and glutaraldehyde

White leather & bright colors. BrighTan makes it possible to create virtually white leather as well as bright and intense colors. Leather tanned with BrighTan is characterized by a higher lightfastness and heat resistance than leather produced with conventional tanning methods.


The BrighTan method permanently reduces water and energy consumption throughout the production process, which makes the natural product leather even more sustainable.



Our solutions for long-lasting beautiful and protected leather

Bacteria can quickly spread on untreated leather surfaces and cause unpleasant odours to develop within a short period of time.

Our EVO+ surface protection sustainably reduces bacteria on leather surfaces by 99.9%.


Surface protection due to hygiene function

Our new EVO+ surface refinement with integrated hygiene function prevents the spread of germs on leather surfaces. The leather is thereby protected long-term while its service life is also extended. Sustainability with EVO+. EVO+ is integrated directly in the dyeing system and guarantees the protection of leather over the course of the product’s entire lifecycle. Moreover, the active agent is also not released into the environment.



The alternative surface.


For applications where alternative material is required, the new synthetic surface WolSynt® is ideally suited for use. WolSynt® is a high-quality synthetic surface based on PU. It is vegan and free of PVC as well as solvents (e.B. DMF) and critical plasticizers (e.B. bisphenols).

Available in various surface structures, you can also design the colour, haptics or surface finishing such as embossing and gloss level of WolSynt® according to your own requirements and also coordinate it with our leather programme. The finishes in individual optics, haptics and touch are based on our decades of leather manufacturing expertise.



As can clearly be seen in our stock programme – leather by Wollsdorf is varied. You can select your desired product from our comprehensive assortment of permanently stocked colours and qualities and buy natural leather at short notice from one of our leather outlet stores. Time and again, creative and modern design requires new impulses, which is why we consistently update our stock program.

For more information on establishing a supplier account with Wollsdorf, visit the link below:

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