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In the design and development of AQUA, Sinot's team derived inspiration from owners’ lifestyles, the fluid versatility of water and cutting-edge technology, combining all of this in a 112m superyacht with truly innovative features.


On board, the interrelated requirement for privacy and space has been addressed with an extraordinarily large owner’s pavilion. To accentuate the link with the water, much thought has been devoted to making the ocean as accessible and visible as possible.

At the lower decks, the usual parameters for propulsion, range and speed have been translated into a complete hydrogen-electric system, whose physical dimensions and operational characteristics reinforce a comprehensively innovative superyacht experience.

AQUA is not yet a reality and speculation continues on for whom and when the yacht will finally enter build. But it is inarguable in the yacht design world , that AQUA is a stunning achievement. Radical concepts come and go from designers all the time. Many of them are designed to simply capture attention for the firm. Others  are more serious attempts to move the dial forward and forge new trends. But AQUA clearly is a level up and whether it becomes a reality or not, it's influence has already been felt across the industry and will no doubt continue to be for years to come, simply because it is so arrestingly beautiful to take in. 


Additionally AQUA may seem like the crowning design achievement of the Sinot's history - but not so. If you study their body of work, even in just a quick review, you will see how superlative their work is, on a consistent basis.

Even though AQUA has been all over the yachting world for some time, we are pleased to re-present it here. Enjoy!

For more information, visit:         SINOT  Yacht Architecture & Design:
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