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AeroDream is the most upscale, environmentally respectful, and technologically advanced leather for business and private jet interiors. Carbon neutral and produced with renewable and energy efficient sources under USDA biobased certification (the first tannery awarded this), it features a 99.9% efficacy anti-bacterial and anti-viral finish that meets the Airbus smoke density and toxicity requirements. Resourced from only the best European bull hides, the sinfully soft hand and elegantly smooth nappa grain provides the ultimate in discerning luxury.

Green Hides Aviation

Green Hides is a premiere resource for the aviation market. Our leathers fuse Italian artisan tanning traditions with modern technology to create the ultimate in luxurious aircraft leather. With specifically engineered protective finishes and tannery flame proofing, our aviation leathers meet rigorous technical standards to ensure superior performance. Green Hides also offers customization for aircraft interiors; perforation, embossing and full-hide custom quilting are all available with our aviation leathers.


AeroDream Specifications:


Raw Material:

Hide Size:


Flammability Resistance:

Smoke Density & Toxicity:

Anti-Bacterial Finish:

Anti-Viral Finish:

Finish Adhesion:

Light Resistance:

Color Fastness to Dry Rubbing:

Color Fastness to Wet Rubbing:


Taber Rotary Abrasion:

Tear Resistance:

Resistance to Freezing:


Tensile Strength:

Stitch Tear Resistance:

Blocking Resistance:



Top selection European bull hides

Average 50 sqft

ASTM D1813: 1.1 to 1.3 mm Weight: 2.25-2.50 oz

FAR 25.853(a)e Appendix F, Part I, para (a)(1)(ii)

ABD0031: Compliant

ISO 22196-ISO-16187-ASTM E 2149-ASTM E 2180: 99.9% efficacy

ISO 18184: 99.9% efficacy

BS EN ISO 11644:2009: ≥ 4 N/cm

DIN EN ISO 105-B02: ≥ 5 blue scale

DIN EN ISO 5402 (Dry rubs: 2000 >= ≥ 4/5 GSR)

DIN EN ISO 5402 (Wet rubs: 500 >= ≥ 4/5GSR)

Wyzenbeek (ASTM D4157) 100,000 Rubs

DIN 17076/1: 2000 cycles. No damage to finish

DIN EN ISO 3377-I: ≥20

ISO 17233: 1 h -20c. No cracking of finish.

DIN EN ISO 5402: 50000 cycles: No damage to finish.

DIN EN ISO 3376: ≥ 80

DIN EN ISO 3377-1: ≥ 40

ASTM D6116: Pass Water repellency: AATCC22-2010: 93


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At Green Hides, we take pride in offering superior customer service, and we look forward to sharing our passion for beautiful leather with you. If you have questions, feedback, or would like to be connected with your Green Hides representative, please call our corporate office or send a message to our team. We value your experience and thank you, in advance, for taking the time to reach out.



Green Hides Leather

4524 Green Point Dr.
Suite 101
Greensboro, NC 27410 (USA)

Ph:  336 . 315 . 9720

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