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Freshbook Advertising

Unless you’re directly involved in aviation interiors, there are probably better alternatives for you. But if your company is directly involved in jet cabin interiors, there is a very compelling business case for placing your ad dollars with us. It stacks up like this…


  • We are a ‘singularly focused’ publication. Our magazine’s content literally only deals with interiors, and we simply do not stray from those borders. No more scatter-shot approach. Our audience is your audience.

  • We are the world’s only all digital interiors magazine and there’s a reason. From the beginning, our publisher sought to provide small and medium sized cabin supplier groups with an affordable advertising vehicle to reach their audience. With no printing or distribution costs, we have eliminated the budgetary barriers of larger print-based publications.

  • As of year-end 2023, we have more than 12,000 subscribers - worldwide, every single one directly involved in interiors. Our subscriber mix is comprised of Cabin Suppliers, Completion Centers, Design Studios, Specifiers and Flight Departments – the four trailing segments being the very people that specify and purchase your goods.

  • With JCF Magazine, it’s way more than a static ad insertion. All our ad subscriptions are annual, meaning your ad is continuous; a full 12 months (all six issues). And that’s just where it starts. By now you’re surely familiar with our famous external promotions, secondary advertiser’s pages, live links, video features and all the rest. Can Business Jet Interiors International do that?

  • Additionally, as a supplier advertiser on our main page, you automatically receive a secondary ad in or Supplier+ section, which receives as much weekly traffic as the magazine itself. Supplier+ is a permanent resource used by centers, specifiers and designers around the world to search for vendors in support of their projects.


Why should I consider advertising in JCF Magazine?


Here’s why our advertisers are so happy: Because they know their brand will remain front and center – year-round with their audience – period. And they know it’s never going to break their bank to maintain that presence. As a 26-year veteran interior cabin designer, our publisher not only knows the business from the inside-out, but thankfully he recognized the need for a single smartly designed publication where every Cabin Supplier Group in the world now has an opportunity to affordably keep their brand in front of the companies that purchase their goods.


Want more compelling reasons why JCF Magazine might be right for your company? Review or MEDIA PACK below for ad sizes, circulation, engagement rates, click thrus and more.

Starting to get serious?

Review Your Ad Rate & Plan Options

We have SIX (6) plans to choose from. Each plan has TWO options. Pay Upfront or Payout over the full year in six equal payments. Review your options and choose the one that best suits your goals, budget and payment preference.

Still need more information?  Reach out at: OR call: +1.214.415.3492

Download our MEDIA pack below.
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