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Jetzign is a ongoing feature in each issue of JCF Magazine, as well as a permanent section. The purpose of Jetzign is to display the talents, techinical skills and completion oversight expertise of the world's most recognized designers (both the independents and those why preside over the design departments within major centers). Within each Jetzign feature article, we focus on the work of a specific designer and illustrate the body of their work via video animation, still images and narratives from the designer.

Below is an example of the video / animations presented by studios for our Jetzign section; this one by DESIGN Q in the UK. Check the criterium below and note that Jetzign features must be accompanied by a recent video / animation in order to be published.

DESIGN STUDIOS: If your studio meets the following three criterium, please reach out to us as we are always looking to feature aviation design studios and their work in our Jetzign section.

  • Must be an established studio - at least three years or longer.

  • Must have completed at least TWO end-to-end aviation projects

  • Must have an active professionally designed website 

Additionally, in order to be published in one of our Jetzign features on the main page, you must submit a video or animation of one of your projects. The video can depict a completed live project OR a concept. The animation or video must be of high production values and accompanied by opening and closing slides announcing the project etc.

If you would like to be considered for a Jetzign feature, please reach out to:

Jetzign is an integral ongoing component of JCF Magazine, designed to showcase the world's top designers - benefitting

both Cabin Supplier groups in responding to new trends, as well as Owner / Operators and flight departments in sourcing 

design resources.

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