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Global Design Studio Roster
Jaques Pierrejean / Pierrejean Vision

Global Design Roster is a comprehensive listing of the world's top aviation interior designers. GDR is now a permanent resource for all our subscribers of course, however it has been specifically designed to support owner / operators and flight departments in their pursuit of highly experienced, globally recognized designers. In essence, the design professionals you will find here (and their studios) are the best of the best - each of which have completed multiple end-to-end aviation projects. GDR is a managed roster, meaning we are constantly working to maintain current information on each studio and designer. Our goal is to offer owners, flight departments and completion centers a reliable, current and well curated roster of design resources, from which to shortlist and retain the studio best suited for their project.(s). We welcome you to Global Design Roster and hope you find it helpful.


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Using Global Design Roster is as easy as simply scrolling the list of designers. The listings are arranged alphabetically by the designer's last name. Alternatively, if you wish to search by 'studio name', use the blue section below and simply click the studio you're looking for. In either case, each listing provides a brief summary / bio about the designer, their studio name, their geographic location, when the studio was founded, accreditations (such as awards) and finally, website and email contacts for learning more and getting in touch.


If you happen onto misinformation or discrepancies, please don't hesitate to let us know at:

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Jean-Pierre Alfano 

Air jet Designs was started by Jean-Pierre Alfano, well known for his innovative and avangarde design projectss. As Creative Director of Air Jet Designs, today he leads a highly talented multi-disciplined team of designers and engineeres with the creativity, savoir-faire, and enthusiasm needed to design modern luxury aircraft and yacht interiors.

With a dual background in Industrial Design and Engineering, he is a sought-after designer that brings fresh ideas, technical know-how, and over 20 years of experience to every project. Jean-Pierre studied design in France, Italy and the United States and completed a Masters degree in Design and Engineering in 1997 at the University of Troyes in France.

Always focused on their user experience in his design vision, Jean-Pierre favors clean lines combined with superior detailing and traditional luxury craftsmanship, to design upscale interiors, products, and art that make a unique statement.

Air Jet Designs

T O U L O U S E ,     F R A N C E

Studio founded, 2009  .  BBJ approved studio  .  A' Design Award Winner, 2020  .  Yacht & Aviation Awards - Winner 2013 & 2022

Warja Borges 

At Unique Aircraft we do not create simply a design, we create an atmosphere. Wellbeing on board is as important to us as the design itself and is embedded into the heart of what we do - from the technical functionality to the materials selected, bespoke details and elegant use of lighting, we work tirelessly to ensure the onboard experience caters to all the senses. Our clients say that they can truly feel the Uniqueness.
UNIQUE offers tailored, custom solutions, which respect maintenance and operational needs, appreciating that an aircraft’s main purpose is to be a comfortable and efficient transportation tool. We therefore channel our efforts to ensuring that the designs are right first time and that our speed matches yours in terms of decision making and response.
Our approach is personal - we draw on our knowledge - we act decisively.

Warja Borges - Owner / Director 
Warja Borges was born in Munich and raised by an artist mom opening her eyes for culture and art by travelling with here from early age. Ever since, she was always creative in many ways which logically lead to the decision to study design. After 4 years engineering study of interior architecture and design and some years of practice creating interiors for residences and offices, she got the chance to work with Reiner Heim Aircraft Interior Design. For ten years she was with his team designing bespoke interiors for various customers and aircraft types in cooperation with well-known completion centers such as Lufthansa Technik.

Unique Aircraft

M U N I Q U E ,     G E R M A N Y



BBJ Approved Center   .   Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Lauri Church

Lauri ventured into the world of VIP green completions in Dallas, Texas, to kickstart her career. She spent around 20 years of her 30-year-long career working for Associated Air Center as an Interior Designer and Office Manager, where she was licensed to practice her design skills.

Throughout her career, Lauri has not only managed several Interior Design Departments but also remained engaged in all the aspects of the design process. Her exceptional design skills have earned her an outstanding reputation in the aviation industry, making her one of the top Aviation Interior Designers. She has had the privilege to design hundreds of private VIP completions, including Lear Jets to an Airbus 330, as well as numerous refurbishment projects.

In 2011, Lauri embarked on her career with Comlux and is now the leader of their Interior Design group "Comlux Creatives" in the US. She established the Design Department from its inception and has since helped her team to accomplish more than 30 exceptional private VIP completions. Lauri's primary aim for Comlux Creatives is to craft bespoke and handcrafted aircraft designs that are both unique and elegant, tailor-made for the clients. Comlux Completions is renowned for striking a delightful balance between stylish interiors and functionality.

Comlux Aviation - Design

I N D I A N A P O L I S ,     I N D I A N A

Began Comlux in 2011  .   Over 60 Completed Projects (narrow & widebody)  .   BBJ Approved Center

Autumn Elizabeth Duntz 

What We Do: We interpret your inspiration to craft a custom design for your aircraft. From choosing quality, maintenance-friendly materials to hand-selecting each distinctive detail, we deliver what you envision, and more.


Our Mission: Our mission is to eliminate the complexity of aviation interior design by combining inspiration and expertise to balance elegant design and regulatory restrictions. Our solutions-driven process and years of experience ensure our clients' travel, whether business or leisure, reflects who they are and who they aspire to be.


The Founder: With more than a decade of experience in interior design and the aviation refurbishment process, I’ve learned how to combine sophistication and craftsmanship with the practicality of aircraft guidelines and restrictions. 


My role is to transform your aircraft with a stunning interior and exterior while navigating any challenges on your behalf. 

I began my career as an aviation interior designer and refurbishment expert and held various roles that allowed me to develop a holistic approach to interior design for aircrafts. I love the extra level of problem-solving required to negotiate the intricacies of planes and associated regulations, and it’s allowed me to provide the best possible recommendations for my clients during the design process. From a completely redesigned interior and exterior to a simple refresh, my custom solutions and experience will be the difference between what is practical and what you dream of.

Autumn Elizabeth Design

P A L M   B E A C H,     F L O R I D A



Founded in 2019  .   67 Completed Projects  .   BBJ Approved Design Studio

Nikki Gledhill

MBG International Design, LLC is a luxury boutique aircraft interior design firm based in San Antonio, Texas, who will take the time to determine your personal style and travel needs to create a customized interior.


A graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio College of Architecture with a degree in Interior Design, Nikki Gledhill, Founder & CEO, has extensive knowledge of interiors and art history throughout the world. Nikki started her career in the high-end luxury market right after graduation by accepting a position at an aircraft interior design and modification center as an Interior Designer in 2006. Nikki worked her way up to Senior Interior Designer where she was responsible for decorative styling for all in-house design projects. While working at the aircraft design and modification center, she traveled the world meeting with top executives, head of state customers, and vendors; and through those travels Nikki has gained extensive knowledge of high end luxury materials. Those travels were the taste Nikki needed to put her passion for design and owning her own company into plan when creating MBG International Design, LLC. in 2009. MBG International Design is committed to giving each client the upmost attention to design, details, project management and customer service. We strive to provide the most comprehensive, thought-out design with no stone left unturned when reaching final designs and selections. All selections are made of the finest materials, from the finest places on earth.

MBG International Design

S P R I N G.   B R A N C H  ,     T E X A S


Founded in 2009  .  21 Completed Projects  .  BBJ Approved Design Studio

Agnes Guiu

For many years, I have worked in both the fields of private aircraft interiors and mega-yacht design. Our clients have included foreign heads of state, billionaires and private companies from around the globe. Having enjoyed many years initially with PDS, I am now in private practice as an independent. I enjoy every moment of my activity as a creative designer and feel extremely privileged to share ideas and work in collaboration with highly skilled people where the top result can be realized.


It is always rewarding to see our customer's satisfaction when the aircraft is delivered and stimulating to imagine what their flight experience will be as the asset enters service.


My personal philosophy is that design is 'synergy.' It is all about listening, creating, sharing and giving. We have to understand, often within only minutes what the client has in mind - what is their vision and what are her/his expectations in terms of space, colour harmony and the specific usage of each area within the cabin. How can we best create the ideal layout for a perfect passenger experience. How can we create a real osmosis between light and space. How may we subtly integrate the  latest technologies, propose original combinations of materials, work hard to realize maximum ergonomy for a final beautiful and welcoming cabin interior. I thank all our previous clients, suppliers, colleagues and friends while working at PDS and all my future clients for their support and confidence as we begin the next chapter. For Agnes Guiu Design, the best project always lies ahead !

Agnes Guiu Design

P A R I S ,   F R A N C E

LEARN MORE AT:  agnes-guiu@linkedinprofile


Howard Guy

Formed in 1997, Design Q has grown and developed to become a leading independent transport design consultancy with a client base that includes some of the world’s most famous brands. Building on automotive design expertise, Design Q soon diversified, establishing an enviable reputation in the aircraft industry. With years of experience in commercial aircraft interiors, the company has developed many ground-breaking products for clients such as Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific. Design Q have also been prolific in the business jet sector - producing class-leading designs for Bombardier across their Learjet, Challenger and Global brands. Utilizing latest practices and technology, Design Q’s highly motivated team of experienced designers and engineers offer a comprehensive design service - from concept sketches, visualization and branding to working prototypes, A-class surfacing and fully engineered, production-ready products.


Howard Guy - Founder / CEO 

Inspired by the 1960’s TV show ‘Thunderbirds’, Howard spent his childhood dreaming and designing remarkable things. Howard obtained a BA Honours degree in Industrial Design and Engineering before successfully gaining a place at The Royal College of Art  in London, where he went on to achieve a Master’s Degree in Automotive Design. Howard began at Jaguar Cars in 1987 where he took concept designs through to production with engineering and the supply base. Later progressing to Principal Designer in 1993 he established the marketing direction on the iconic Jaguar XJ6 series.  In 1997 Howard Guy formed Design Q with fellow Jaguar designer Gary Doy. For Howard, Design Q was born out of a desire to venture into the unknown and to be more ambitious and forward thinking in the world of design. Howard’s objective now is to elevate Design Q’s clients higher than the rest, creating products that are “bigger, faster and sexier”

Design Q

R E D D I T C H  ,     U N I T E D.  K I N G D O M


Fahad Hariri

Paris based decorators, Pinto, continues to master the art of creating luxurious interiors, from residences to yachts and private jets. With over 20 years of experience in aviation design, Pinto specializes in finding the right balance in delivering, comfort, elegance and a high end quality products. Every cabin is made to measure, from furniture, to fabrics, carpets, bed linens, tableware, uniforms, etc., without compromising the technical systems to enhance the travel experience. In fact, combining these various skills and elements result in unique, warm, and luxurious interiors.


Fahad Hariri, Pinto Design CEO   (Pinto Design is in transition - update pending)

Born in 1980, Fahad Hariri is a collector, and an art and design enthusiast who graduated from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. He dedicated the early years of his career to real estate before becoming the new owner and CEO of PINTO in 2020.

An architect who graduated from Paris’s École Spéciale d’Architecture, Fahad Hariri is also a collector with a passion for the decorative arts. Since 2011, he has established close ties with Alberto Pinto, entrusting the practice with five personal projects. During that time as a client, Fahad Hariri has developed a taste for interior architecture and interior design. So when in 2020 Linda Pinto announced her decision to step down, it was only natural for him to come forward and express his interest in taking over the practice he had come to know so well.

Pinto Design  

P A R I S,     F R A N C E



Greig Jolly

Winch Design is a globally leading multi-disciplinary studio, specialising in the bespoke design of private jets, superyachts, residential and commercial properties. The studio was founded in 1986 by Andrew Winch and his wife, Jane, and now comprises of over 150 talented individuals who have designed and delivered some of the most iconic designs of the 21st century. Situated in an old fire station on the banks of the river Thames, Winch Design prides itself on having brought to life the dreams of its clients for the last 37 years; creating bespoke homes on land, in the air and at sea.

In the aviation studio, there are a number of projects underway including a Global 6000, BBJ Max 9 and a widebody concept on the drawing board. Some of the studio’s signature work includes delivering the first fully private Dreamliner, a Falcon 7X jet with an exterior inspired by Van Gogh’s artwork ‘A Starry Night’, and an Airbus ACJ319 with a gentleman’s club-inspired interior featuring a classic period style library with a hidden door into the master suite.

At the centre of the company are its people. In July 2021, Winch Design became fully employee owned. Employee ownership sits beautifully with the Winch ethos which has always placed the highest value on its people, whose loyalty, talent and commitment have played a vital part in the success of the business.


Greig Jolly, Partner, Yachts & Aviation

Greig originally joined Winch Design in 2005 for a year as a Junior Designer after graduating from Coventry University with a degree in Automotive Design. He went on to follow his passion for automotive design elsewhere but re-joined the team in 2008, lured by the prospect of working on private jet projects. Currently a Partner within the Yachts and Aviation department, Greig enjoys working on wide body aircraft projects, delivering the largest to date in 2021.

Winch Design

L O N D O N ,     U N I T E D   K I N G D O M


Francis Munch

Studio E/Motions is a leading Aviation Interior Design and Program Management company focusing in the Private and Corporate aviation world. Founded in 1999 by Francis Munch, Studio E/Motions has been delivering exclusive aircrafts interiors to Heads of State, High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI / VVIP) and Corporations, ranging from a variety of jets to wide body aircraft. A team consisting of designers, 3D artists, engineers, cabinet makers, material specialists and program managers ensure that each “green” aircraft completion or refurbishment, delivers to customer expectations in both design aesthetics and quality, plus within budget and schedule. Based in Habsheim France and Basel Switzerland, Studio E/Motions has built strategic alliances with Customers, Completion Centers and Vendors to create a “win-win” partnership in assessing needs, trends and developing innovative designs. Passion, creativity, expertise and commitment to excellence are the founding pillars of Studio E/Motions.


Francis Munch, Program Manager / General Manager

In summer, 1999, Francis Munch started his own agency under the name Studio E/Motions. The studio is a team of 14 individuals and is composed with Francis Munch as Program manager,  Artistic Director & General manager - supported by  3ea Senior Designers / Program managers, 2 ea Senior Engineers / Program managers, 1 Material specialists, 1 High profile woodwork specialist, 1 High profile Upholstery specialist, 4ea 3D modelers and 1ea Management Assistant.   On top of his leadership of this full-time  permanent team, the company enjoys a worldwide network allowing Studio E / Motions to be represented either in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East regions.

Studio E/Motions

H A B S H E I M ,     F R A N C E


Jeannine Ohrmundt

Following her education at Richland college, Mrs. Ohrmundt fell in love with design while working for an architectural / engineering firm.  Shortly thereafter she met the love of her life, Scott Ormundt, a veteran of aviation.  Quickly seeing the ideal match between design and aircraft . . . "I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of the industry."  Mrs Ohrmundt founded Ascending Designs and convinced Scott to leave Associated Air Center and join forces.  The Ohrmundts initially partnered with the former Aviation Concepts (Dallas) for a few years before eventually flying solo. "Working with Aviation Concepts brought new depth to our capabilities.  We became immersed in all aspects of aircraft design and completion management with projects that included two presidential aircraft, several heads of state and multiple VVIP clients."

Ascending Designs is a leading aviation design and completion management firm providing world class interiors through creative strategy, superior design, technical innovation, and quality that exceeds industry expectation built on integrity, relationships, and performance.  We realize this by consistently expanding our knowledge in the evolution of design, technology, methodology and humanity. Our unique fusion of design and completion management expertise along with aircraft knowledge and experience allows us to navigate through the completion process minimizing completion risk and maximizing the aircraft investment resulting in a successful luxurious timeless interior. Ascending Designs approaches each project with passion and commitment.  Our goal for each project is that it exceeds the client’s and industry expectations by delivering superior design, technical innovation and world class quality. Additionally the firm focusses on schedule and financial commitments throughout design and completion management.

Ascending Designs

F R I S C O ,     T E X A S


Founded in 1996  .   30 Completed Projects  .   BBJ Approved Design Studio

N A T I O N A L   B U S I N E S S   A V I A T I O N   A S S O C I A T I O N 
                                     Convention & Exhibition - 2024  /  Orlando, Florida

Jacques Pierrejean

Renowned for his work across the domains of aviation, yachting, architecture, and design, Jacques Pierrejean is synonymous with creating works of astounding elegance. He founded the company PIERREJEAN in Paris in 1975 and has since then completed a wide array of projects for renowned companies across the world.

Pierrejean’s philosophy on design and conceptual projects is largely based on nature. He looks for the symbiosis and symmetry in the shapes and forms of flora and fauna, and carries these into his work. Also fascinated by the perfection of the human body, he is inspired and driven by the art of dance, in particular the American dance illusionist company MOMIX. The seeds of much of his creative work have been developed based on beauty of the moving figures, and on the ergonomic refinement their bodies create.

In 2018, he created the PIERREJEAN VISION, which encompasses his 44 years of professional experience into a new and complete brand spanning across all four sectors.

Pierrejean Vision is one of the longest standing and most celebrated aviation design studios in Europe. Jacques Pierrejean has headed the studio since its inception and remains a guiding force in European mobility design.

Pierrejean Vision

P A R I S ,   F R A N C E


Ken Reita

Completion Designers is an aviation design firm focused exclusively on aircraft interior design

and refurbishment. Our passion for creating spaces that are as brilliant as they are beautiful is

guided by a multidisciplinary approach borne of decades of aviation design experience.

Owner and creative director Ken Reita’s depth of knowledge and prolific portfolio of work spans

more than two decades and 20 plus airframes, including Falcon, Gulfstream, Bombardier,

Cessna, Embraer, and Hawker Beechcra􀅌. Before founding the Indianapolis studio in 2021, Ken

led hundreds of successful aviation design and refurbishment projects across the globe—only a

project in Antarctica remains unchecked, but he’s not closed that door. His generational

knowledge of each airframe’s variations and version history have sharpened and expedited his

ability to meet even the toughest design challenges with creativity and confidence, and his

expertise in industrial, interior, and product design ensures every design choice and technical

detail have been rigorously considered to reflect your individual style and your aircraft's precise


Ken thrives as an independent designer, enjoying relationships and collaborations with a

network of highly vetted vendors and design professionals nurtured over decades. His robust

library of 3D data allows him to complete production‐ready renderings in‐house, offering you

greater transparency and control from start to finish. Strategically located in one of the fastestgrowing private aviation hubs in the country, Completion Designers offers designs

that are as smart as they are stunning.

Ken Reita has been an aviation designer since 1997, holding positions as Senior Industrial

Designer, Lead Interior Designer, Mechanical Designer, and Multi‐media Designer at U.S.‐based

OEMs and MRO centers. He holds a B.S. in Industrial Design and an M.S. in Industrial and

Product Design.

Completion Designers

I N D I A N A P O L I S  ,     I N D I A N A

Vincent Rey 

M&R are designers. Specialized since 2006 in the highly technical world of aviation, we leverage our expertise to design not just private aircraft, but villas and yachts too. Our creativity is Always guided by the same design principle : imbue each shape with meaning.  The complementary expertises of duo of Florent Magnin & Vincent Rey is mainly gained in the aerospace segment over the past 20+ years with the largest aircraft / helicopters manufacturers and completion centres in the world. They strongly believe that the creativity, quality of the work and personal attention to details remain the key factor for a unique design and peace of mind experience


Vincent Rey, Board Member & Creative Director 

Vincent spent his childhood amongst his parent’s tapisseries/upholsteries, learning textiles, luxury materials, and paying attention to the finest details very early .

With an apprenticeship of both interior designer, as well as carrying an interior architecture degree, Vincent started his career with the well-known DeMaria Design company in Los Angeles, California, USA, working on very modern and awarded residential/commercial architectures. In 1998, as designer, he joined JET AVIATION Basel, Switzerland, becoming rapidly responsible for the Design & Project Management, in charge of a complete BBJ project followed by four additional BBJs and one B767-300. All these experiences helped him gain technical / production knowledge on narrow and wide body airplanes, as well as interacting with many customers from different cultures. Vincent was also in parallel appointed Deputy of the entire Interior Design Department during this time. After 6 years working with one of the leading completion center in the world, he then joined in 2004 another industry leader, BOMBARDIER Aerospace Business Airplane in Montreal, Canada, Vincent is now one of two Board Members & Creative Directors at M&R.

M&R Associates Design

G E N E V A ,     S W I T Z E R L A N D



Natalie Rodriguez

Coming from the VVIP completions sector of aviation, Natalie Rodríguez transforms clients' visions to reality through designing luxury private aircraft interiors distinctively tailored to each individual’s exquisite taste and special aircraft mission. Natalie specializes in Boeing and Airbus aircraft for Heads of State, Ultra-High-Net-Worth Clientele, Corporate and Private Charter Operations.

Prior to opening her practice, Natalie designed for VVIP aircraft completion centers Citadel Completions, AERIA Luxury Interiors and Gore Design Completions. Her background is also inclusive of residential design and commercial business interiors. Throughout Natalie’s career, her designs and projects have been published in numerous mainstream and international trade publications, including but not limited to JetCabin Freshbook, Daily Mail, Forbes, Robb Report, Business Jet Interiors International, Business Aviation Magazine, and Time Square’s NASDAQ Tower in New York City. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Environmental Design from the historic University of the Incarnate Word. With a customer-centric approach to every design and program, Natalie's inspiration is drawn from the special individualized requirements that come with every aircraft, and no two programs are identical. Over the course of her career, Natalie has had the honor of developing work for some of the most famed Individuals, Corporations, and World Leaders (NDA), all with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and design styling ranging from contemporary clean, to business jet classic, to palatial opulence. Natalie Rodríguez Luxury Design is an exclusive, globally recognized luxury interior design practice. We proudly specialize in Boeing and Airbus aircraft, both narrow- and wide-body variants, designing fully customized luxury cabins for aircraft completion and refurbishment servicing Heads of State / Government Bodies, UHNWI, as well as private aircraft for corporate and / or charter use. We are also proud to service luxury cabins for light- and long-range business jets. Our approach is entirely customer-centric, dedicated to providing bespoke designs that meet the needs of the most discriminating jet owners.

Natalie Rodriguez Luxury Design

S A N   A N T O N I O  ,     T E X A S

Founded in 2022  .   15 Completed Projects  .   BBJ Approved Partner List   .   International Design Awards / 2019

Richard Roseman

Richard (Rick) Roseman founded RWR Designs in 1992 after being a private presentation consultant to a local aviation design studio. The experience was so rewarding he decided to launch his own studio. Rebranded as Richard Roseman Airborne Design in 2016, the studio's work has taken them from VVIP aircraft, to Yachts, Palaces and top-tier Business Jets. RRAD has completed three Boeing Business Jet projects including a 747-8 for the Emir of Kuwait, completed at the former Associated Air Center in Dallas. Other projects include a 747-SP for President Shaik Zayad Bin (UAE), a BBJ for Royal Jet (Abu Dhabi) and one of Boeing's first BBJs for Orbit Aviation (Zurich). Other aircraft projects include a Gulfstream 550, a Gulfstream 650-ER and a Bombardier Global Express, the latter of which led to an Airbus A-319 and extensive work on a Palace in Mumbai for the same family. RRAD also completed four yacht projects through the late 90s and early 2000s.


Rick Roseman is the founder / director of RRAD as well as Founder & Publisher of JetCabin Freshbook Magazine. As a student of Art, Design and Interior Architecture in Texas, Mr. Roseman embarked on a career as an interior illustrator which eventually led to a contract with the former Reese Design (Austin, Texas). Over a span of almost ten years, Reese was the sole contracted studio for eight VVIP aircraft for the Sultan of Brunei. The now legendary run of back to back VVIP aircraft kept Roseman busy preparing extensive rendering presentations for all eight aircraft. The rewarding collaboration with the Reese studio inevitably led to the formation of RRAD and a career-long love affair with private aviation, including co/founder of JetModa Magazine and his current JCF Magazine.

Richard Roseman Airborne Design

S A N T A   F E,     N E W   M E X I C O



Founded in 2019  .   27 Completed Projects  .   BBJ Approved Design Studio   .   ISID

Ben Rowan

Ben Rowan is one of the world's leading aviation designers. Originally from Whakatane - New Zealand, Ben has worked on projects in aviation and marine for the last 20 years. He's a Director for multi-disciplinary consultancy PriestmanGoode, a collective of designers, creative thinkers, practical makers, strategists, and trends forecasters, united by a common vision to imagine and shape a better future. The London-based company is known for transforming and improving everyday experiences in transport, with an estimated 400 million people using products and interiors designed by PriestmanGoode every year.


With a personal passion for visionary thinking and user experience design, Ben has led projects for major commercial clients including: Airbus, Malaysia Airlines, WestJet, SWISS, Collins Aerospace, United Airlines, and the QSuite for Qatar Airways, the Business Class product with movable panels that allow passengers to transform the space, to work, dine or socialise; whether traveling with family friends or business colleagues. The suite is recognised as one of the most innovative Business Class products and continues to win awards 5 years after it was first introduced.


Ben is also in demand with private clients, working with completion centres, and is on the speed dial of some of the world's most notable high-net-worth individuals. Leading his team and working with bespoke makers, craftspeople, and material specialists, he's produced ground-up developments and first-of-a-kind concepts for remarkable private aviation and marine projects.

Priestman Goode

L O N D O N ,     U N I T E D   K I N G D O M


Giuliano Sabadin

Giuliano Sabadin is an Italian designer specializing in interior, concept, and product design with over 14 years of experience serving clients in the aviation, real estate, and automotive industries.


Always passionate about architecture and technology and eager to deepen his knowledge of the processes that link form and function, he dedicated his training to visual design and 3D visualization techniques. His utmost attention to detail and love for materials, led him to realize numerous projects including furniture, buildings, helicopter, yacht, and private jet interiors. Very often collaborating with some of the world's best-known fashion, design, and architecture studios.


During his eight years at one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in Italy's Motor Valley as Creative Design Manager, Giuliano participated in creating all the brand's corporate showrooms worldwide, developing the interior design guidelines that would define the brand's identity from then on. Not only that. Also by his hand are all the pieces of the iconic furniture collection that bear the car manufacturer's signature: luxury objects that perfectly translate the brand's unmistakable design DNA.


V E N I C E ,     I T A L Y

LEARN MORE AT:  sabadin-design.linkedin

Grischa Alexis Schmidt

Since 1977 Jet Aviation has been crafting beautifully customized private aircraft interiors. Each project is one of a kind; a hand-made reflection of an individual aesthetic or idea. Jet Aviation is one of the most experienced centers in the world, with some 70 Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet wide- and narrow-body projects to its name. Having evolved with the industry, the center offers unparalleled experience combining the demands of safety and certification with the flexibility of a bespoke design. A commitment to excellence and personalized service at every stage of the process, and extensive in-house facilities, result in only the finest privat and business aircraft delivered from their hangars in Basel, Switzerland.


Grischa Alexis Schmidt, Senior Director Jet Aviation Design Studio

Grischa Schmidt was appointed Senior Director of the Jet Aviation Design Studio in 2018. He is responsible for leading a team of some 16 interior designers, who work directly with the customer or the customer’s designer to bring a bespoke interior concept to life. He joined Jet Aviation in 2009, as Senior Designer Project Manager. Grischa then left the company to pursue opportunities abroad, before returning again in 2016 as Senior Project Manager, and later taking over as Senior Director of the Jet Aviation Design Studio in 2018. Grischa has over 28 years of design industry experience, with a number of international companies specializing in interior and exterior super yacht design, interior aircraft design, as well as cars and residential interiors. He began his career at BMW Designworks USA in California, before moving to Munich to open the first European branch of BMW Designworks USA and working for external companies and the BMW Group members including, at the time Rolls Royce, and Range Rover. He also owned and led the Cayros design studio in London and Switzerland for ten years.

Jet Aviation

B A S E L  ,     S W I T Z E R L A N D


Annika Wicklund

Greenpoint Technologies is a premier business jet completion center delivering custom aircraft interiors to VIP and head-of-state clients. Committed to turning dreams into reality, Greenpoint offers a turnkey completion experience with in-house interior design, engineering, manufacturing, certification, and installation. Strategic goals focus on the client experience by incorporating quality, commitment, and craftsmanship into every program. In Greenpoint’s Design Studio, an award-winning team of designers, visualization artists, and CMF specialists collaborate and develop bespoke designs supporting Greenpoint Completions and, at times, other luxury sectors to include a recent private S76 helicopter refurbishment. The design team is actively engaged in numerous programs including two (2) V-VIP B787-9 interior completions, representing Greenpoint’s seventh and eighth 787s. Greenpoint established a strong reputation designing and delivering over fifty (50) major programs including interior completions, refurbishments, and reconfigurations of both narrow and widebody aircraft. Greenpoint Design oversees the entire completion process, from early concept through delivery, to ensure the finished interior exceeds the client’s expectations for quality and design intent. Greenpoint Design continues to imagine and conceptually design interiors with emerging technology, pursuing exploration and innovation. The company received the Private Jet Concept Award in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards (IYAA) 2022 for its progressive VIP BBJ MAX8 interior design, titled Retreat, and was shortlisted by IYAA in 2023 for its VIP B777X interior, Zen.

Annika Svore Wicklund, Senior Director of Design, initially joined Greenpoint as a Design Intern during her college studies, and was immediately drawn to the creative complexities offered by the private aviation industry. After receiving degrees in Mathematics and Art, Annika earned her National Council for Interior Design (NCIDQ) certificate and returned to Greenpoint as a Design Associate. With an impressive tenure of nineteen (19) years with Greenpoint, Annika has overseen the execution of numerous programs including the world’s first V-VIP BBJ3, 747-8, 787-8, and 787-9.

Greenpoint Technologies

B O T H E L L ,     W A S H I N G T O N


Founded in 1987  .   21 Completed Projects  .   Licensed BBJ Completion Facility  .   Multiple awards including IY&A and SBID 

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Jay Beever 

Jay Beever is the Vice President of Design Operations at Embraer Executive Jets and a well-known professional in the business aviation and automotive industries due to his design work on high-end, luxury products.


Since accepting the role in July of 2012, Jay has implemented the Design DNA strategy, an industry-leading interior design reference that has spurred an evolution in the way Embraer designs interiors, as seen in the Phenom 300E, Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 products. Jay continues this momentum by applying his diverse industry knowledge to push the boundaries of aircraft design and forge a vision for the company’s future, known as the Paradigma school of thought. Through this disruptive approach, he has contributed to the creation of innovative projects, from forward-looking interior concepts to the Senna Cockpit and more.


Jay is an Automotive Design graduate from Macomb College. His previous experience includes almost 15 years as a design engineer at Ford Motor Company, as well as nearly 5 years as an interior design manager at Gulfstream Aerospace.

Embraer Executive Jets

M E L B O U R N E ,     F L O R I D A

Founded in 2012  .  15 Exec Aircraft Projects  .  Accreditations: Boeing / Airbus  .  7 International Yacht & Aviation Awards

Yves Pickardt

Yves Pickardt was born in Monaco to German parents, who had settled in Paris.
With a father who was a filmmaker and aviator, a mother who was an actress, an aunt who was a dancer in America and a great-uncle who was a famous painter in pre-war Berlin, he had a wonderful start to embark on an artistic career with a strong taste for aviation.
This he did, after studying interior architecture and design in Paris, from which he graduated from the École Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art.
The multiculturalism of his origins and training was affirmed when his career began in Italy, the country of the arts par excellence, whose birth in the nearby Principality of Monaco had revealed to him very early its immense creative wealth.After ten years spent in Rome with the great Italian decorator Anna-Laura Angeletti, he returned to Paris to begin a collaboration with the late, world-famous decorator Alberto Pinto that has lasted 33 years. With these two stars of international decoration, he worked for more than forty years for the most prestigious and demanding clients around the world.

Mr. Pickardt contributed to the creation of Alberto Pinto Aviation Interiors department 23 years ago and, since then, the aviation order book has never been empty. From Gulfstream, Bombardier Global and Dassault Falcon business jets, to Airbus ACJ319 and 320Neo and on to Boeing 737 and 747 BBJ aircraft, Yves Pickardt has designed more than 30 interiors, some of which have won awards, such as the Airbus A320 NEO for Acropolis Aviation, recently recognized as "Best of the Best 2021" by the prestigious Robb Report magazine in New York.

Yves Pickardt Design

P A R I S ,    F R A N C E


LEARN MORE AT:  yvespickardt.linkedin

Tim Callies 

It is CALLIES GRÄFE DESIGN`s passion to make your dreams come true. With our full dedication we listen to your ideas, thoughts and requirements – the key to a successful design which not only reflects your taste and lifestyle but as well guarantees your full satisfactory regarding the functionality and durability of your coming true dream.
What makes us unique is our own relentless pursuit of perfection to each detail of your project.

Each project begins with your vision. CALLIES GRÄFE DESIGN listens to your ideas, dreams and requirements and translates these into bespoke designs. No matter if your project is a plane, architecture, yacht or unique work of furniture your desires are paramount to the project. From the first concept sketch till the final completion, we follow your dreams and ideas with our full dedication to each detail of your project.

CALLIES GRÄFE DESIGN has been a design specialist since 2002. Our success is based on the innovation and intimate knowledge of residential, aeronautical and naval design. With our high quality solutions and professional approach to every detail our design and project team we will develop and finalise all of your projects through the finest details. This is a safe guarantee for a truly professional attendance and realisation of each of your projects.