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November 2023
Thomas Chatfield - Camber Aviation Management


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Issue # 13 / January, 2024 

I'm going to skip all the stuff about the coming new year and our eternal collective hopes for a prosperous 2024. Not because I don't have those hopes. Of course I do but as we lead off this year, it seems increasingly hard to focus on the free economy that serves our industry and our lives - without at least acknowledging the global threats and discord that loom across all of us. In my lifetime, I have never seen a time when the world is so dysfunctional. There is more armed conflict plaguing the world than at any time since WW2. 


As if we need to be reminded, the Russia / Ukraine war rages on, the Israli - Palestinian conflict is obliterating innocent families on both sides, bitter civil conflicts and genocide continue in Myanmar, Sudan, Burkino Faso, Somali, Afghan, Columbia, the Mexican drug wars - and on, and on, and on, literally too many to list. 


Current estimates are that one-third of the world's population is directly affected by war as we start the new year. That's 2.3 Billion people, their lives ripped apart by wars and conflict that most of them never wanted in the first place. And then there is the unconscionable fact that has played out in almost every war across human history - that when the dust settles, more civilians perished than soldiers, as if it even matters to the families of either group left behind. 

Yet the one insidious never-changing reality, is that virtually all of these horrific wars are given fuel and ignited by solitary men, men for whom the expenditure of lives holds zero value in the pursuit of their personal or political goals. These are men whose appetites for aggression and power and a place in the history books, reign paramount over any and all interests. 


Words From The Editor
Rick Roseman  -  Publisher / Editor


From Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot to Mussolini and the list goes on. The world keeps churning out these useless tyrants - each one hell bent on adding their name to the list. As the old adage goes; "Power is given only to those who dare to lower themselves and pick it up."

But I would offer a more timely revision. I believe the day is at hand in which authoritarian power is never given in the first place, and certainly never to one man. I believe we have reached an era in which we say no to wars of agression on any basis. We have arrived at a point in our own cultural evolution where we can say that anything short of naked aggression is not worth forfeiting ourselves, our children and our families for. We're in a moment where as global citizens, we show the door to anyone who, via their own personal agendas, poses a threat to our families, to our livelihoods and a peaceful existence. 

We're at a juncture in history when we need to recognize that in most cases, our enemies are NOT entire nations or some villainized ethnic race - that the real enemies are the lowly dysfunctional despot wannabees among us - the broken, the unbalanced that can no longer be tolerated in modern society as autocratic leaders of nations.


Let's let 2024 be the year we forge a new collective conscious, one that says no to anyone who purports to know best how we should live our lives, who our enemies are and what we should

be prepared to die for.  


It's a ubiquitous buzz phrase if there ever was one - in or out of aviation. But certainly the aviation community has glommed onto it as fervently as a bear cub to a jar of Tupelo honey. Everybody wants a piece of the sustainability pie these days and that goes double somehow for the owners and OEM's of private jets. If anybody has something to prove, it's those for whom excess, at least in prior decades, was worn like an emblazoned guitar strap. In the 2020's, flying around in private jets is far from passé. In fact it's enjoying a hay-day like never before. But owning a jet is one thing. Unless you wanna by shunned into submission by your hipper, more socially conscious guests, or worse yet, have your new Gulfstream riddled with paint balls the next time you set down at Teterboro . . . you'd better be talkin' and practicing some form of sustainability.

As the title to this latest installment of Airborne Café suggests - Sustainability is indeed the new Status Symbol among the privileged. Why? Well first, because there has to be a new status symbol, doesn't there? I mean, where would we be without a new 'thang'. But you know what, in this case, it's more than OK because reducing the carbon footprint of jets - be them private or commercial, as owners or as the industry that supports them - is inarguably one of the most relevant and imperative endeavors for humanity in the current era. And so, truth is, 'how' we maintain that momentum is really of little concern.

So, with no further ado, hit the link below and read Mr. Chatfield's thorough and thoughtful analysis on why this newest of status symbols might just rank among the worthiest

of all status symbols.

This is the third installment of Airborne Cafe. We are proud to embark on this ongoing series of thoughts, extollings and stories from one of the premier figures in our industry. In each issue Thomas Chatfield will offer us thought provoking articles like the one above - each of them relevant and insightful from the perspective of private aviation. Simply hit the link at right to finish the article and while you're there, learn more about Camber Aviation Management and the importance of their work

Thomas Chatfield -  Executive Contributor & CEO
Camber Aviation Management
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