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Creating the perfect interior for your client is no easy task. There is initial collaboration for color and materials, assessment of the overall work scope, sourcing all the materials, removal of the old interior and careful fabrication and installation of the new products. And all within budget so that you make a profit. So many details, so many vendors to manage. It’s like juggling chainsaws!

With a full portfolio of exquisite quality decorative materials, a complete range of foams and fire-resistant materials for cabin safety enhancement, custom panel stitching, perforation, embossing and embroidery, and a network of experts for flammability testing, interior design and rendering we deliver to you a complete package of materials and services as you need them to create a stunning cabin interior – every time and on budget. 

Avoid the stress of managing multiple vendors, select from a full array of fine decorative materials, and reap the profits from value-priced materials that allow you to maximize your margins.

Call us today for samples, a price quote, and be prepared to deliver overwhelming client satisfaction!

From the root words “omni,” meaning “all,” and “avia,” meaning “flight,” OmnAvia Interiors is your source for all your aircraft interior requirements.

Do you want to be a part of sustainability for the future? The choices you make for your aircraft can help protect our environment for the future. We have an eco-friendly leather product that is made to last and has an exceptional appearance. IZIT® Platinum FR is the only transportation synthetic leather made in the USA. It offers a luxurious feel and is exceptionally long-lasting.

EcoCel, the production technology, is like no other in that it uses ZERO water, thus drastically reducing the environmental impact. When no water is used in production, it eliminates the post-production, emission-laden energy to decontaminate the solvents out of water that are required of other synthetic leathers.

IZIT® Platinum FR is engineered to be fundamentally flame-resistant to vertical burn requirements. Because of this, no after-market spray treatments are needed and the leather maintains its soft, opulent texture.







2550 Empire Drive, Suite 200,


North Carolina 27103

PHONE: 336.331.3394

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