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Sohe is an interior design team focused on providing unparalleled design expertise and customer service, offering a variety of turn key solutions for luxury soft goods fabricated in-house. Our soft good offerings have earned us the respect of owners, private jet manufacturers, independent aviation interior designers, and completion centers.


Precision and quality are required for aviation and high-end hospitality projects. We offer comprehensive services from design scheming and fabric selection, custom embroidery, quoting and on time delivery to meet dock and delivery dates. We also have customized project portals to track your projects.

In addition to pillows, we design and fabricate bedding, table linens, drapery, and pet bedding. We are skilled at sewing all types of fabrics, leathers, and vinyl to create unique, soft goods to set your project’s needs. Our client know when they come to us they will receive nothing short of perfection.

Our collection of bespoke, hand-tufted carpets and cashmere throws for private aviation and yacht settings are plush and durable. Our designs are modern classics in hues that blend seamlessly and are made from the highest quality fibers. We also offer custom colors and sizes of all our designs because we know that every project is unique. Working with Sōhe you are sure to find a work of fiber art that you cannot live without.

We can help you see your concept in action by rendering your Sohe carpet selection for you. We know it can be challenging to imagine a beautiful design solution, but we can help. We’ll work to bring your vision to life by offering renderings of our carpets and rugs to help you visualize what you are trying to achieve. We can offer renderings of aviation and yacht interiors as well as residential and commercial interiors.

Sōhe creates the magic in airborne interiors. Above the clouds, in the clouds or on approach to Anguilla for a week of fun and sun. Up there is where Sõhe lives!

Always come back here to find out what's new at Sōhe. From new product rollouts to shows or press releases, you can follow Sõhe Studio here.




Sõhe Studio

Aviation & Yacht Interiors

Frisco, Texas


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