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Why should I subscribe? Unless you're directly involved in jet cabin interiors, you probably shouldn't. But if you are, you should know that our entire reason for being is to bring the latest products and innovations to your awareness, all in one place, as they occur. To inform on everything from the latest finish materials to cabin lighting to IFE and CMS, and literally everything else that will ultimately wind up in your projects.

We're not just some broad-stroke magazine trying to attract advertisers. We're a vital and long unfulfilled resource for designers, centers, specifiers and flight departments in gaining instant access to the entire landscape of cabin suppliers - worldwide. In short, we're here to keep you on top of your game.

By subscribing, our magazine will come straight to your inbox each publish cycle (every other month) and our supplier updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday - all directly relevant. We will never clutter your inbox with a bunch of extraneous mails or unwanted promotions.

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