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The Global Design Studio Roster
In our May issue, we featured the most renown designers in Europe. In our September issue, we covered the western hemisphere featuring all the top designers in North America. Both series were wildly popular, especially among our growing segment of subscribers - Owners and Flight Departments. At current, the two rosters still stand independently within the issues mentioned above.
However, in our January, 2024 issue, we will debut the Global Design Studio Roster wherein both the European and American rosters will be integrated into one truly global listing. We are currently reaching out to other well known studios in regions other than Europe and North America, making the roster fully inclusive and truly comprehensive for owners and their representatives in sourcing and accessing the world's top designers.
This unified global roster will feature not only the "independents" but well-known design chiefs within completion center design departments as well.
So, check back just after the new year for the most comprehensive managed resource of aviation interior designers in the world. Beginning in January this resource will become a permanent section within JCF magazine.
Until then, simply visit our ARCHIVES section to access either or both current listings.
Jaques Pierrejean / Pierrejean Vision
The Global Design Studio Roster - coming January, 2024
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