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May 7th, 2024 - for immediate release
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With an industry focused on branding and image, there are a multitude of on-going programs at any single time where the interiors are being updated and upgraded. There are functional, cosmetic, and weight goals with each of these programs. 

Signature Plating has been developing new technologies and processes to support the cosmetic appearance of the finishes that are being sought after by design firms, airlines and aircraft owners. All metal finishes are not alike and Signature Plating is making its mark within these markets to deliver the needed finishes to meet the intended design vision. 

It is a fact that an airline passenger environment is one that can quickly show a deficiency in product design, materials and finishes. Product and design elements need to be able to withstand these highly cycled environments to meet the customer’s intended goals, to be a value to the operator and to perform as designed for the customer. 

Signature Plating has been developing and investing in its durable anodize performance finishes. Our recent support of airline cosmetic finishes has driven us to invest in our Anodize finish product line. Signature Plating has been delivering custom anodize finishes that are being sought after for aircraft interiors. These anodize finishes are highly durable and will stand up to the harsh environment of an aircraft’s interior. In addition to a selection of existing standard finishes, Signature Plating is also able to develop custom colors with our durable anodize finishes. Anodizing can be now used as a primary finish in the design of specific interior color schemes. The available colors that can be developed is limitless and gives industrial designers, airlines, and MRO facilities the flexibility to introduce the exact color/ finish to realize the design vision. This is extremely important when there are designs that require specific and complementing metal finishes. 

Signature Plating has expanded its Anodize production by 100% to keep up with the growing demand of these highly durable finishes. This is in addition to our capabilities to support custom decorative finishes on both metal and plastics. We have listened to our customers and are delivering decorative finishes to meet their requirements. 

Signature Plating announces
Durable Custom Color Anodize Finishes 

About Signature Plating 

Signature Plating is a full-service plating facility dedicated to producing the highest quality products with rapid turn times. The company’s services include decorative plating, plastic plating, parts manufacturing, and anodizing for the aviation industry, as well as other VIP markets. If it can be plated, rest assured that Signature can do it — and do it well.


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